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Everyone needs a different fitness approach.  We all have different jobs. We all have different lifestyles. More importantly, we all have different life-goals.  At SB Sculpting it is understood that everyone needs a program based on their individual needs. When you visit, you will be happy knowing that the priority is to provide you with an experience unique to your individual needs and challenges.



We have one goal. To help you become the best version of yourself. This journey is about you. Let's get personal.


SB Sculpting offers the best in group fitness classes, personal training, and professional fitness coaching. This approach is uniquely focused around fitness, wellness, and life balance. SB Sculpting is a one of a kind fitness studio provides a unique environment for you to get in your best shape, find balance, and be yourself. The priority is helping you excel in every area and becoming the "best version of yourself." SB Sculpting is the place for you conquer your health for good. They journey is waiting for you. What are you waiting for?


Linton McClain | Fitness Coach


Linton's passion for serving the community goes far and wide with reason.  Like most trainers, he started off working in the typical gym setting.  While the experience was quite rewarding, he knew something was missing. Linton decided to change up the focus of his training after watching family members and friends become more unhealthy by the year.  He wanted to be more active in the community and teach the value of health and wellness.  This desire to educate started as a passion and became a mission after his mother passed suddenly from a massive heart attack at the age of 56.  When working with Linton you will receive the necessary training to live a longer and healthy quality of life. For him, it's not just personal training.  It is a personal  mission.

Haley Fargason | Fitness Coach


Haley's passion to be healthy started when she was a teenager. After losing a lot of weight at a young age, she realized that the impact of weight loss was very powerful.  The benefits came in many forms. She had increased self confidence, more energy, less or complete removal of medications, clearer skin, and it inspired others to become healthier. Haley works with all clients but specializes in women's fitness.  As a woman and mother of an 8 year old, she knows the emotional struggle and physical limitations that all women encounter. This helps with effective communication and leads to the overall success for each client.  Haley desires a more knowledgeable and fit community where we all can live life to the fullest. You are capable of experiencing a great and fulfilling life no matter your limitations right now. The FLOAW team offers years of knowledge and experience to help you along your journey of holistic health and wellness.  

Josh Johnson | Fitness Coach


Josh is a personal trainer with a background in sports and fitness. From playing sports to actively exercising, he decided to take the next step in his career and major in Exercise Science at the University or North Florida. With this gained knowledge, he is able to offer personal training for all age groups. His addition to the FLOAW Team brings a unique perspective to health and fitness. Having experience not only coaching but playing a number of sports gives him a profound understanding and ability to create sport specific workout programs to those that wish to enhance their abilities on the playing field. Aside from sports training, he is equally proficient in prescribing customized workout programs to a client of any fitness level wishing to improve their muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, and much more.   

Robert Sutton | Fitness Coach


Robert will dedicate his time and effort into helping you reach your goals. When it comes to fitness Robert can help you accomplish any goal. Having a coach in your corner gives you the perfect teammate. There is nothing like having a dedicated coach to work through each day. Robert specializes in working with those who have current or previous injuries. He takes the time to listen and understand where you want to go. Feel comfortable and confident about working out again. Get back to being yourself once more. Training is only part of the journey. The rest of the journey happens with you living life on your terms.

Liz Murphy | Fitness Coach


Activity and exercise can improve your quality of life in many different areas.  Exercise can improve concentration, depression, fatigue, blood pressure, weight loss, diabetes, and strength.  It is important to be as active as we can be but most of us are not doing it. We sit at a desk all day, work too many hours, eat too much, and we feel depressed.  As a mother of three, business owner, and massage therapist, Liz knows all too well the effects of living an unhealthy lifestyle and the affects of damage or overused muscle.  If you feel that your body needs an overhaul then contact Liz to get started on customized program to get your body back into a proper working condition.  There is a step before exercise.  It's called function.  After a session with Liz you will be functional once again.



Daily accountability goes a long way.  There is nothing like having a coach in your corner when life gets tough. Everyone needs a routine that works specifically for their needs. Our coaches will design a customized program to fit your current needs, lifestyle, and limitations.  If you want a program that's flexible and structured then schedule a consultation with one of our coaches. 


-Consultation after purchase

- 4 Week Plan

-Evaluation Upon Completion 

PERSONAL TRAINING   $165 per month  DAILY ACCOUNTABILITY $50 per month

Like many people, you have decided to take a more serious approach to your fitness regimen.  Over these past years you have been working very hard while dedicating a tremendous focus to work and family life.  You have always had fitness as a priority but could never seem to get control of the balancing act. Does this sound familiar? Many obstacles will come up during your journey to health and wellness. Work with a professional who is experienced in guiding you through the personal struggles along the way.  SB Sculpting Fitness Coaches utilize personal training and accountability to maximize your efforts. Practical and customized programs are applied for individal situations. You will win the battle.  You will feel the reassurance that you that you don't have to go through it alone. Set up a free consultation. 



Try the SB Sculpting weekly workout to achieve your best results.  Keep your routine simple and consistent. 

10 Miles total (running or walking)

300 Lunges or Squats

200 Pushups or Tricep Dips

20 Mins of Planks